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Sex and related talks have always been an issue of dichotomy but on the other hand sex is an integral part of human's life. Mostly, a healthy and happy sexual life is the main reason behind a couple's happiness. For a happy and healthy sex life, physical and mental fitness is extremely essential. Not that everyone is blessed but many a times, individuals and couples suffer from sexual problems leading to frustration.

There are various kinds of treatments available to cure sexual problems effectively but amongst the lot, Ayurveda is considered as the most efficient and effective one. With the latest advancements in the medical field, various medicines have been developed so that people can experience a healthy and better sex life but mostly it has been observed that the medicines work for a limited time and might cause some side-effects as well. Thus opting for Ayurveda to heal sexual problems is a smart move.

Ayurvedic treatments for sexual problems have been practiced for many decades now. The most positive aspects of Ayurvedic treatments are its natural components and procedures. Fruits, seeds, leaves, flowers, roots and even trees' barks are being used in Ayurvedic treatment for curing many kinds of sexual problems. Not only the therapy is completely natural but also lasts for a long time. And this is the reason why popularity of Ayurvedic treatment for sexual health has gained utmost popularity amongst the medical fraternity.

ShahiShafakhana observes Ayurvedic treatment system for curing sexual problems. ShahiShafakhana is not only engaged in research and developing Ayurvedic and herbal products to help people lead a healthy sex-life but also strives to make the new-aged lifestyle better.

ShahiShafakhana has a number of proven and useful medical and herbal formulations in its possession to treat impotence, sexual weakness, male as well as female infertility and many chronic ailments and disorders. Some of the commonly observed remedies are listed below

  •  Vajikarna is being for the improvement of sexual performance and sex drive.
  •  Enriched with amino acids, almonds, Brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds increase the blood flow
  •  Shilajit work wonders for treating sexual deficiency and premature ejaculation and so on...

Welcome to ShahiShafakhana for a healthy and better lifestyle!