Erectile Dysfunction is defined as persistent or recurrent, partial or/complete,failure to obtain or sustian, an erection until completion of satisfactory sexual activity.alternative terms for erectile dysfunctions, sexual inadequacy, sexual weakness, less erection, decreased erection, failure in intercourse, erection problem, napunsakata, less hardness of penis, looseness of penis in mid of sex or before penetration, E.D.,ED etc. The symbol for the man’s “masculinity” is the erect penis. It represents manhood and is expected to be ready to perform at a moment’s notice. When man suffers with erectile failure it comes as a major shock, when suddenly the symbol of his masculinity does not respond on. It usually means much more to the man than the simple fact that he is not responding sexually at that moment. It causes him to question his status as an adequate male. Thus when he fails, becomes panicky.

Type of Erectile Dysfunction

I t may be complete erectile disorder: i.e. some men achieve no erection at all. For other, an erection may occur in the regular manner, but as the love play continues the erection is lost (we call it mid failure).For still others, the erection may be maintained very adequately up to the point of entry. As soon as entry is either contemplated or attempted, the erection disappears. For some, erection may be maintained beyond the point of entry, and then wane after a period of activity inside the vagina. No matter when the erection goes away, its loss is always troublesome. Erectile dysfunctions though a benign disorder has a great impact on the affected individual. Patient feels frustrated, depressed, ashamed, has lowered self-esteem & may even disturb his family relationship.

How much erectile dysfunction affecting your quality of life?

• If you are suffering with some of these problems it means you need treatment.
• I feel frustrated because of my erection problem,
• My erection problem makes me feel depressed,
• I feel like less of man because of my erection problem,
• I have lost confidence in my sexual ability.
• I worry that I won’t be able to get or keep an erection.
• I feel that I have lost control over my erections
• I worry about the future of my sex life,
• I have lost pleasure in sex because of my erection problem
• I try to avoid having sex,
• I worry that I am not satisfying her because of my erection problem
The above questionnaire will decide that whether your problem is significant or not, if answer of any one question is yes then you must consult us either personally or through online & get cure of your sex problem.

• Hormone Disorders
• Decreased Blood Supply to Penis (less blood flow disorder)
• Disorders of Nervous System (penis nerve disturbance)
• Penile Nerve Abnormalities
• Sex Centre Disorder


After finding out the cause of Erectite dysfunction we Prescribe treatment to the patient The various treatment option for patient with Erectile dysfunction are
• Natural Herbs for treatment of harmone disorder.
• Natural herbs to increase blood supply to penis (Oral & Local Gels)
• Natural Herbs for treatment nervous system disorder.
• Natured Herbs and Tila for treatment of Penile Nerve Abnormalities.
• Natural Herbs for treatment of sex center Disorder.

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Erectile Dysfunction Ayurvedic Treatment
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